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Welcome to motherhood, Em


In July of 2013 I gave birth to my first baby while living in Sydney, Australia - 8,000 miles from Seattle, where I was born.  I had no idea how much his birth would change my life.  Sadly I suffered from postpartum depression and struggled the first 8 months of Dylan's life.  Thankfully I was referred to a great counselor and came out of the fog I was living in. I hope my gift boxes and donations to Postpartum Support International help moms and dads through this amazing yet challenging time.

Baby number two


In February 2015 I went into labor three weeks early; Dylan was just 19 months old. The time between my pregnancy and when she turned two were the hardest years of my life.  As I stumbled through days of non-stop activity and many sleepless nights I had vague, distant memories of my life before kids.  Thankfully our move back to Seattle went smoothly and my incredibly supportive parents are close by.  

Business owner!

EMs Gift Boxes

After almost five years of being a stay-at-home mom, I started EMs Gift Boxes fulfilling a dream I had since Dylan's birth in 2013.  I feel like a person again and am so very proud of myself.  I hope my gift boxes are making a difference for new moms and dads.  

Postpartum Support International

I am excited to share that I am partnering with Postpartum Support International and will be donating 10% of my profits to the organization. I suffered from postpartum depression and believe a lot of women suffer in silence.  My hope in creating this company is not only to provide a meaningful and useful gift box for new parents, but to help new moms through this challenging time. 

Emily Mathews - Founder & Director