Sid – I wouldn’t have been able to start on this journey if it hadn’t been for my incredibly supportive husband.  At times I told him I’d rather be at work than be a stay-at-home mom (who knew just how hard it could be?) but I am so glad I kept at it.  Now I can realize this dream of working for myself providing a gift I truly believe will help new moms.  Thank you, Sid, I couldn’t be doing this without you.

Lee – Well, if it weren’t for Lee Becker, my designer and dear friend, I wouldn’t have a business.  My vision was all about the products inside the box, Lee created the rest.  I won’t ever be able to thank her enough.  Thank you thank you thank you! -

My Parents – Moving back to Seattle was a hard decision for me, I really loved the life and “family” I had in Sydney.  Knowing my mom and dad would be waiting for us and around to lean on made the decision easier.  Well, my parents have stepped up and are incredibly supportive.  From a loan here, to babysitting there, I have been able to focus on my business without neglecting my family.  I am so lucky.  Thank you!      

Tom Frazier - Your guidance, encouragement and at some times overwhelming advice, has been a critical factor in growing my business.  THANK YOU!     

Kim Haskins Smith – My business name wouldn't be as special without your creative mind!  Thank you!!

Butch Adams - Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to make me look my best!

A special mention to all of my friends and family who have had to listen to me talk non-stop about gift boxes. I am so lucky to have your support and encouragement!